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Rotary Kiln Incinerator (RKI)               

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Chinese Petroleum Corporation  CPC Kaohsiung


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1. Preface

2. Technical Description

3. Procedure



1. Preface                

Rotary Kiln Incineration, RKI, is getting popular in application with waste treatment in the whole world, especially for the hazadous waste. Though few of them installed in domestic Taiwan, but we can see over 30% of them applying in the hazadous wast treatment according to the reference data of statistical mater from Westernized countries. Few of Rotary Kiln System academic thesis or theory putting into discussion, C&C is willing to share with you our experiences in Rotary Kiln designation and how to deal with the hazadous waste.


2. Technical Description

Rotary Kiln is the main equipment to product solid cement, lime, iron sand and coke at the early beginning. Owing to it's wide range use and multi type functional  treatment, the Rotary Kiln is getting more and more popular and have already adopted in industrial application up to date.

As a matter of fact, RKI may treat waste both of solid state material, liquid state material and sludge.  RKI deals with wide range of the waste, most of overseas waste treatment businesses adopt it as the main equipment in incineration system.

Rotary Kiln, as the other general incinerators, making use of  air and heat to produce a burning  circumstances and environment as to destroy the waste,  .   

Rotary Kiln is a kind of steel drum lining with firebricks. The incineration system includes Kiln it self, and emergency stack, second combustion chamber (SCC),  Air pollution prevention facilities, induce fan and discharge chimney etc.,

Rotary Kiln Incineration system is applied to discharge heat, oxidizing,  burning the combustible material out; and discharge the non combustible material solid state ash by the rolling kiln move to ash drain outlet. 

The function of Second combustion is to oxidize the discharged smoke( from rolling kiln) once again, and the processing is under high temperature to make sure  the gas combustion completely.

Blower blowing, the second air is blowing into RK body and second combustion chamber (SCC), may adding the fuel ratio and the turbulence. The second combustion chamber (SCC) may treat liquid state waste function as Waste Liquid Incinerator.

Both Rotary Kiln and second combustion chamber (SCC) are provided with combustion supporting device to maintain inside temperature to be stable.  The pollution prevention device (after SCC) is for cooling  and to reject off with the granular and acid material.     

In addition to the heavy metal, liquid or high non combustible inorganic compound during the Rotary Kiln treats the waste, it may also treat a variety of type of material,  such as solid state material, liquid state material, contaminant; and granular, powder, bulk type of combustible material. 


1.Can deal with solid or liquid state waste of any form.

2.Can deal with low melting material.

3.May feeding solid and liquid state material separately.

4.May put bucket or bulk form solid state waste into the kiln directly to treat.

5.Air turbulence in Kiln makes well contact between gas and solid material.

6.May adjust rolling speed to control solid state material's retention period in kiln.

7.Temperature can be high and above 1000℃ inside the Kiln, can effectively destroy most of hazadous material.


1. Middle costs investment .

2.Spherical and tube shape material will be falling to the end side of Kiln fast, and made the waste to unable to be    burned out completely.

3.High demand of excess air, high dust in exhaust.

4.High maintenance cost, complicated parts.

3. Procedure

1、Reference Project: Around 1500~4500kcal/㎏ enthalpy solid form or tiny particle of the waste putting into buffer storage tank, via conveyor and feeding conveyor to box feeder, through feeding conveyor into incinerator combustion chamber, proceeding the treatment by running speed 800㎏/hr. (See Figure 1)

Figure 1    Detailed Figure


2、The waste has been in Kiln combustion chamber and the temperature is 950℃. The burning waste, getting forward to SSC second combustion chamber. And the ash conveyor is conveying the ash by a match Kiln inclination and the body rolling speed. The waste is also sitred at the same time, so it gets better burning efficiency. (See figure2)

3、The  non-combustible material is left to bottom-ash after first combustion chamber, and discharged via  ash conveyor. and the rest of the other waste gas (which is not burned out completely) is sending into second combustion chamber, the temperature is higher than 1000℃,the burning gas retention period is over 2 sec. and keep the destroy rate of the hazadous waste to match Environmental protection standard.

For safety reason, burning gas is discharged via emergency stack under the conditions if SCC temperature is over 1100℃ in or body pressure is over or the other emergency status happened.

If the SCC temperature is over 1100℃, not only discharged by emergency stack, but also cooling by man/auto spray cooling water.

Figure 2    Detailed Figure  

4、Second combustion chamber outlet temperature is above 1000℃, and then the material is processing  to the quencher,  in the mean while, spray nozzle pump and cooling fan proceed cooling the quencher, and let   temperature lower to 200℃ or so. (See figure 2)

5、Then, Going through Cyclone, blots powder and moisture out, and pours hydrated lime into duct to do de-sulfuration process. (See figure 3)

6、Bagfilter inlet temperature is less than 200℃,,process processing with cooling water, cooling fan system and cyclone, keeping inlet temperature stable at the inlet temperature of , and proceeding de-fly-ash.


  • 7、The Bag Filter outlet gas is exhausted by induce fan  to chimney (higher than 20 meter in Taiwan Standard), and  finally discharge to the atmosphere.

    Figure 3   Detailed Figure





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